API Business Pricing

Find a suitable plan that meets your company needs. Or contact us to discuss a custom option for your specific requirements.


real-time feed
10,000 tokens
community support
unlimited personal tokens



real time feed
1,000,000 tokens
dedicated support
unlimited personal tokens


White Label Enterprise

real time feed
10,000,000+ tokens
dedicated support
unlimited subaccounts


Understanding Token Usage

At Candor, we've adopted a flexible token-based system for our API calls. When you purchase a package, you receive a set number of tokens. Depending on the depth of information you seek, each API call will consume a specific number of tokens:

  • 1 token: Fetch just the Φ Score.
  • 2 tokens: Retrieve the Φ Score along with a quick report.
  • 5 tokens: Access a comprehensive report alongside the Φ Score.

This system ensures you only pay for the depth of information you need, optimizing costs and providing tailored insights.