How Score Works (Beyond Traditional Credit Ratings)

Deciphering Blockchain Transactions with Precision and Insight.

The Importance of the Phi Score

In today's digital age, traditional credit scores often fall short. The Φ Score bridges this gap, offering a holistic view of blockchain addresses. For businesses, it means more informed decisions, reduced risks, and enhanced trust. For individuals, it's about understanding and improving their digital financial footprint. With the Φ Score, transparency, trust, and clarity are no longer aspirations—they're guarantees.

DeFi Contracts Interaction

Every interaction with a DeFi contract reveals crucial aspects of a blockchain address. From borrowing and lending activities to liquidity provisions, we delve deep into each transaction to understand credit behavior.

High Gas Transactions

High gas transactions, often associated with complex and crucial operations, are an integral metric in our evaluation. They signify not only the user's activity scale but also their commitment to certain blockchain actions.

Token Mixing

Understanding token mixing is essential to deciphering an address's intent and its patterns. By analyzing these actions, we can distinguish between routine privacy measures and potential red flags.

NFT Holdings

The world of NFTs has transformed digital assets. An individual's or organization's NFT holdings can reveal their investment strategies, tastes, and even financial health.

Age of Address

Longevity often signifies trust. Older addresses, especially those with consistent activity, tend to showcase a history of reliability and credibility in the blockchain community.

Additional Metrics..

Our patented algorithms constantly evolve, incorporating hundreds of metrics like staking patterns, DAO participations, and more, ensuring the Φ Score remains at the forefront of blockchain credit assessment.

Our Technology

Harnessing the power of advanced data science and blockchain analytics, our system parses millions of transactions every day. The Φ Score isn't some static number — it's the result of rigorous analysis, real-time updates, and a focused commitment to precision.

Explore the Depths of Digital Trust

Intrigued by the mechanics of the Φ Score? Dive deeper into our methodology and discover how we're setting new standards in blockchain creditworthiness.

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