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You're under attack.

There exists a legion of dangers:
humans, bots, sweepers
all designed to drain
your wallet to:


Estimated losses from lost seed phrases




of all bitcoin

15 new crypto scams
are launched every hour.

FTX stored private keys to wallets holding billions of dollars of user funds without encryption.

$140 million theft

96 private keys stolen from Vulcan.

Increase in stolen assets year over year

Automated bots and sweepers
steal funds faster than any human.
Most losses occur in seconds.

Slope lost


user seed phrases
Near Protocol
announced a security breach exposing all user seed phrases.
Meet Candor, companion and Kisbee

Meet Candor.

Safety & Security

for your digital assets and transactions

Transaction Monitoring

for your digital assets and transactions

Wallet Protection

provides continuous automatic peace of mind

Transaction Prevention

triggers automatically based on your preferences

Reputation Management

for your wallet through a unique trust score metric you can actively improve

Human Error Prevention

protects you from lost or misplaced seed phrases and keys

Transaction Notification

alerts you to any suspicious activity within your wallet

Loss Prevention

freezes your wallet & protects your assets

Theft Prevention

keeps your assets and positions safe in the event of an attack

Candor Companion

01The Companion

Real-time scam prevention.

The Candor Companion offers peace of mind when you're exploring the metaverse and security when participating in the web3 economy.

Your companion lives in your web3 browser and helps protect your daily interactions with smart contracts, wallets, and digital assets.

Our comprehensive algorithm automatically, and in real-time, evaluates the φ score of every person and every contract you interact with and prevents dangerous, malicious, and harmful transactions.

The Candor community provides a human element to augment the neural network powering the φ score algorithm.

What is a φ (phi) score?

Glad you asked! Every wallet and smart contract receives a phi score (φ) based on a factors like the various assets within the wallet, the base chain currency percentage, the transaction history, all currently connected smart contracts, overall wallet health, multiple chains, layer 2, 3, x...and more. Oh, and it involves a global network of humans too!

Example Notifications

This address is potentially harmful
Candor Companion for a potentially harmful wallet or contract
This address is safe
Candor Companion for a safe wallet or contract
This contract is dangerous
Candor Companion for a dangerous wallet or contract

02 The Kisbee

Save your wallet’s digital assets in the event of an emergency or an attack.

The Process

Candor's loss prevention protocol, Kisbee, activates immediately when triggered preventing further loss of your digital wallet assets, freezing the wallet's funds, preparing a series of bundled anonymous transactions, and executing those transactions automatically to a pre-defined safe wallet.

The Protocol

You probably have a lot of questions at this point. The Kisbee is quite simply a sophisticated blend of smart contract, automated bot, artificial intelligence, community hive mind, and real-time activity monitoring all rolled into a single thing... a Kisbee.

Setup your wallet preferences and safe wallet information in your Kisbee settings and authorize your Kisbee to protect your assets from attack. When an attack is detected, your Kisbee will attempt to freeze the transaction, pause all future transactions, initiate a safety protocol, and transfer your assets to your previously defined safe wallet address. Kisbee alerts and trigger levels are defined on a per wallet basis.

Curious to learn more about the specifics? The patented tech behind the Kisbee is something we could talk about for days. Follow our social, join our community, reach out and let us show you what's under the hood!

Why Kisbee? A Kisbee ring is a life preserver, life ring, or life buoy. Designed to be thrown to a person in the water to prevent drowning originally by Lt. Thomas Kisbee from Britain's Royal Navy. Seems appropriate.

03The Coverage

Kisbee Wallet Coverage


  • Total wallet asset protection with optional 100% protection and peace of mind guarantee*


  • Targeted average of 80% assets protected
  • Active monitoring & transaction notifications
  • Real-time defense against unapproved transactions
  • Automated triggers and asset transfer prevention
Kisbee coverage options

Address monitoring with real-time score retrieval and display on-hover for every website and crypto address.

Meet Candor, companion and Kisbee
Companion coverage examples

05The Cost

There are several different ways you can protect your assets depending on your needs and risk tolerance for each wallet. Below are the base monthly rates for each service.

  • Companion
  • Kisbee 0.008Ξ
  • Comprehensive (Optional) 0.005%
Wallets can be subscribed to both Companion and Kisbee for a discount, or independently depending on your requirements. Comprehensive coverage is based on a variety of factors including the associated wallet φ score, asset balances, native transactional balances, distribution, and overall wallet valuation.

Calculate Your Kisbee Quote

Each wallet receives a personalized quote for their Kisbee coverage based on the calculated φ (phi) score for that address. Plus, you can always improve your φ score and lower your Kisbee rate even more!

  • Ex.
  • Your Wallet φ Score 90%
  • Kisbee Base Rate .008 Ξ
  • _
  • Your Personalized Rate
    .0076 Ξ
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Protecting your wallets

... and providing peace of mind is our driving force. We built blockchain tech to provide what we believe to be "sufficiently decentralized" web3 to provide you with maximum security and protection. Your assets are yours. Your wallet is yours. Your seed phrase is yours. We help you keep it that way.

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