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Discover the future of creditworthiness assessment for blockchain addresses.

In an era where digital transactions reign supreme, trust and transparency have never been more crucial. At Candor, we understand the shifting landscape of finance and the increasing role of blockchain in modern transactions. That's why we've introduced the Φ Score — a groundbreaking system designed to provide credit ratings for blockchain addresses.

Harnessing a myriad of unique and verifiable on-chain metrics, the Φ Score goes beyond traditional assessments. Whether it's the type of DeFi contracts interacted with, the age of an address, or even an individual's NFT holdings, our sophisticated algorithms provide an unparalleled insight into an address's creditworthiness. With Candor, you're not just getting a score; you're accessing a world of financial clarity.

How the Φ Score works

Our patented Φ Score is derived from extensive data analysis of various blockchain metrics processed in real-time. By considering a multitude of factors onchain, including metrics like high gas transactions, token mixing, decentralized use, and much much more, we provide a comprehensive picture of an address's financial health. Each metric is weighted and analyzed to ensure a fair, unbiased, and insightful score in real-time with learning models applied, giving businesses and individuals the confidence to make informed decisions.

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